Aesthetically pleasing design is the key to the hearts of people. We offer mobile and web design services that will make your idea and a final product user-friendly as well as visually appealing. Contact us to get the best web designs and delightful mobile applications.

Unique Designs

The route to quality software comes from defining its ideal purpose. Enabling capabilities needed by the user, we collaborate with you and document all the necessary conditions. We ensure that all the requirements are met and configured in the system. Using advanced Power technologies, we analyze the documentation and draft a specified product for our end-customers. This software requirement capability will help to achieve our true vision of the product.

Corporate Data

High data quality is vital to an organization's sustainability and growth. Trusted Data represents a real competitive advantage. It’s time to manage data as a company asset.We lead our manufacturing, distribution, and retail clients into the next phase of their evolution, helping them deliver enterprise value and return on technology investment. Ultimately, we help our clients build organizational structure, business process, and technology foundations that allows them to expand their market share and outpace the competition.


We will then procure and deploy these solutions in a timely and effective manner. In addition, we offer continual oversight of your existing technical infrastructure to ensure that it is optimally meeting your business needs. With a rise in employees working from home, we are guaranteed to see an increase in new and unique Security Attacks. Talk to your co-workers and employees about the severity of breaches and set clear and precise procedures on how to deal with threats and attacks.


Our passionate, user-oriented designers have an iron grip of the tools we use to build exceptional digital experiences. We believe web development should never be boring. It should never be weak. We never forget that your business goals drive everything. That’s why our beautiful web and mobile designs blend your brand objectives into intuitive and impactful products every step of the way. Every project we take on is highly customized.


When you choose to work with us, your business will not only benefit from cutting-edge network solutions, but also our commitment to providing the best possible IT management and support available.


If your internal teams are stretched, you have an integration or implementation
challenge or you want a partner to assess your readiness and roadmap we are ready to help with right-sized solutions
that will move you forward.


Professional Support of hardware and software
to ensure smooth operations for your company.


Callbacks can be used alongside other Options.


We are a software development company. We have a wealth of experience in various verticals, HR, Recruiting, Financing, Real Estate, Logistic, Safety, Hospitality; we build enterprise apps, mobile apps, web portals, e-commerce, IoT. We are very flexible in our approach & engagement models. Services: web applications,web site design and development of mobile apps.

  • Retina Display

    Images and text appear much sharper than in a standard display.

  • Beautiful Callbacks

    JavaScript callback functions are wonderful and powerful to use
    and they provide great interaction atween apps.

  • Ios/Windows/Android

    iOS and Android may be the most well-known platforms; but we build apps to work across those and many more. Desktop apps for Windows and MacOS

  • Auto redirect

    Minimize that tactic and deploy these solutions in a timely and effective manner.


Mafrench have created a variety of productivity applications, content management systems, process tools, databases and more, every one tailored to the unique needs of each business we encounter. We're never one-size-fits-all; we work with your team to create databases, websites, and mobile apps that fit exactly what your team needs. "Work smarter and harder" – in today's world that means having the right software tools in the hands of your very busy team.


Mafrench team members have a long & successful track record in addressing the business requirements of organizations and companies, and managing the most critical initiatives by offering a full range of management & IT consulting

Vincent Luphahla

Managing Director

Jacobina Ndamse

Web Designer

Mandisa Daniels

Projects Manager

Elizabeth Tibatso

software Engineer


We may determine that at least some of your
support needs can be handled remotely.

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We will then procure and deploy these solutions
in a timely and effective manner.


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